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Professionally designed and built swimming pools by Serenity Pools

Of all the extensions that you can install to your home and garden, few things are more beautiful than a well-designed and well-kept swimming pool. Such a pool will not only look impressive, it will also add value to your home, while at the same time providing you and your family will hours of fun and relaxation.
If you would like to add value to your new or existing home, Serenity Pools cc offers the perfect solution. We are expert contractors for the installation of unique new gunite and hand-packed concrete swimming pools, as well as the renovation of existing pools that may have become run-down throughout the years. This versatility allows us to give each and every one of our clients the exact the pool they desire, be it through the process of building a brand new pool, or by renovating an existing pool, making it more impressive and beautiful than ever before.

About the owner, Herman van Schalkwyk

Serenity Pools is a company that is owner managed by Herman van Schalkwyk. Herman has over 15 years’ experience in installation and renovation of pools in the greater Cape Town region (from Somerset West to Malmesbury), and having worked on over 500 pool projects throughout the years, he has come to perfect the process of pool installations and renovations.
As a diligent owner and manager, he is a perfectionist in every sense of the word and personally oversees each and every project he undertakes. His dedication and commitment to his projects means that you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible service in the industry.
As Herman always says, “Through your ideas and my imagination, we will give you a one of a kind pool”. This saying rings true for every project he undertakes because the pools he and his team build are indeed all unique and custom designed to suit the look and feel of our client’s homes.
Herman is also a proud member of the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI) of South Africa. This institution promotes the independent and objective inspections of project sites as opposed to a peer-review system and is well-known for having the best interests of the swimming pool industry at heart. Because we are a NSPI approved company, you can rest assured that our service is backed by a reliable institute that will ensure that proper conduct is maintained.

What can Serenity Pools do for you?

As a company, we specialise in the design and installation of gunite and hand-packed concrete swimming pools. We have purposefully chosen these mediums because, through our years of experience, we have found that these pools are long lasting, stronger and more durable than fibreglass swimming pools.
We also provide a number of pool accessories, including pool heating systems, safety covers, pool mosaics, pool copings and paving. Our pool heating systems include solar panels, bubble wrap, solar blankets and heat pumps (Zodiac and Aquaheat), especially for those who like to utilise their pool during wintertime. As for our pool safety covers, mosaics, copings and paving, we only use the best brand names in the industry, providing our clients with a variety of choices from the highest quality products available.
So, if you are in search of a swimming pool contractor capable of installing a uniquely designed pool, or one that is able to give an existing pool a new lease on life, you have come to the right place!